Financial Planning

Absolute investment returns

Capital Market Report portfolios, whilst individually constructed around client specific needs, are developed on proven principles that dictate an asset selection policy based on value-driven fundamentals. Our investment strategies are developed knowing that we as financial professionals must deliver on our promises to provide absolute investment returns in expectation of client demands.

Standing by our faith in the commitment to deliver absolute returns ensures that the value of client wealth is primarily preserved irrespective of market conditions. With this approach, we do not follow Wall Street benchmarks and urge clients to adopt a contrarian view to the long-term management of his or her wealth.

After all, we see little success in a portfolio that has outperformed its benchmark when in fact both the benchmark and portfolio are trading in negative territory, essentially resulting in a devaluation of client wealth.

Client expectation benchmark

Instead, by focusing on an absolute return investment policy, clients are presented with a realistic forecast expectation that acts as a gauge as to whether we as a financial professional are performing within the reasonable expectations of each client under management.

We believe that this approach not only tests our dedication to delivering on our promises but also provides clients with comfort in the knowledge that, irrespective of market conditions, his or her wealth maintains its value.

Investment Strategies

To accommodate the varied demands of each client we serve, our investment strategies not only consider what is deemed ‘traditional’, but also explores alternative investment opportunities that seek to provide benefits of portfolio diversification.

A bottom-up research effort considers a broad range of global equities of varied capitalization and differentiated industry sectors. In pursuit of value-based equity positions we utilize quantitative analysis to systematically identify sources of alpha that demonstrates risk-adjusted cohesion to ensure the levels assumed conform to what our investment criteria deems acceptable.

The Capital Market Report equity platform presents clients with exposure to attractive positions in line with client specific investment preferences, which are incorporated through an asset allocation policy that continuously balances performance with levels of risk assumed.

Uncovering undervalued fixed income vehicles throughout the money markets, central and sovereign funding, and liquidity management is a process we extract from a bottom-up, top-down decision making process. Our fixed income selection policies focus on historical stability as we perform stress test analysis to determine with accuracy the likelihood of future yield at the time of maturity.

We believe that fixed income vehicles should be included into portfolio strategy as their diversification benefits help to stabilize portfolio performance, especially during times of market duress.

Alternative forms of investment have become a key component to the strategy of many Castle Rose managed portfolios. We believe that alternative investments not only create an additional layer of diversification to an existing portfolio, they also provide investors with a particular appetite for risk with exposure to returns much higher than those typically associated with those of traditional forms of investment.

The Capital Market  Report alternative investment strategy combines fundamental analysis with targeted business management expertise to determine whether an opportunity in question is inconsistency priced in consideration of potential and capital structure.