Investment Management

Discretionary investment services

Capital Market Report investment management process adheres to and integrates a proven, intellectually robust, research intensive portfolio solution, entirely focused on the specific life circumstances and aspirations of each client under our care.

We strongly believe that efficient asset management is a combined effort that incorporates a number of components including;

  • Client specific investment goals
  • Sequence of life stages
  • Exposure to tax
  • Current requirements and responsibilities
  • Future expectations

Risk-adjusted approach to investment

With a history based on client success, we maintain a fiercely guarded investment management culture dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial potential.

We work closely with each client as together we seek to pursue a strategy that prioritises the generation of wealth under consideration of a risk-adjusted approach in line with economic conditions that seeks to provide an investment experience free from anxiety and worry.

Ultimately, we view investment success as a measure of absolute returns on capital in the short-term, whilst preserving a longer-term strategic perspective that adequately provides for a lifestyle of comfort during retirement, accounts for educational costs and ensures that the beneficiaries of your wealth receive their entitlements in the most efficient manner possible.