Investment Philosophy

“Acquiring the services of the financial industry’s brightest talent, combined with the utilization of contemporary research, presents clients with exposure to targeted, risk-adjusted, sustainable wealth solutions.”

Institutional quality financial management

With Capital Market Report investment philosophy centered around contemporary research and professional expertise, our clients are positively exposed to the benefits of institutional quality management irrespective of whether their services are structured towards a comprehensive wealth solution or through a bespoke discretionary portfolio.

Our primary focus is on helping clients to achieve a level of investment performance that seeks to enhance the value of their wealth over time. Under consideration of client specific wishes, we tailor services that either complement existing financial structures or develop customized portfolios in line with strategic asset allocation mandates.

Irrespective of the type and level of service our clients require, we maintain an internal investment philosophy that has enabled Capital Market Report to successfully serve clients through a series of economic cycles.

Pro-active investment management

As valued based investors with a rational perspective, we believe that markets are inefficient and therefore present an opportunity scope whereby value can be generated by exposing inefficiencies.

By responding, as a continuous process to market fluctuations, we are able to identify emerging opportunities that when incorporated as part of a diversified portfolio, present clients with sustainable asset allocation policies by means of risk-adjustment.

We believe that this multi-asset approach to the management of portfolios helps our clients to efficiently achieve their objectives within the confines of an appropriate level of risk.

Globally diversified

In pursuit of sustainable, medium-term returns on investment, we believe that portfolios constructed with a multi-asset policy are most suitably positioned to deliver above average returns for a specific level of risk.

Portfolios under our management are typically exposed to the benefits of diversification across regions, industry sectors and asset classes.

Risk management

Managing risk is paramount to the client investment experience. We believe that the balance between too greater risk or inadequate return on capital is key to maintaining client satisfaction.

Understanding client circumstances and investment objectives helps us to determine a level of risk each client is prepared to assume as we allocate assets across a multi-asset portfolio.

Portfolio Construction

Although we do not restrict our investment scope by geography or sector, we prefer to focus our resources in the areas where our professionals have acquired their specialist expertise. We believe that this approach helps clients to extract optimum value from our investment selection and management proficiency.