Investment Process

“Capital Market Report portfolios are constructed around the unique circumstances of each client under our care. We take what is important to our clients and deliver realistic solutions in our approach to portfolio diversification.”

Strategic asset allocation

Allocating client assets as part of a diversified portfolio is a research intensive process that requires a diligent research effort by means of internal and external analysis.

Our in-house research is focused on a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the wider economy, including corporate and political factors that have the potential to influence invested interests throughout key geographies. By utilizing this rigorous approach we are able to capitalize upon emerging investment opportunities and perhaps more importantly from a risk-management perspective, identify emerging threats to invested positions.

Optimized asset selection

Utilizing quantitative and qualitative data to identify suitable asset targets, we proceed to determine the most efficient approach to optimize the level of exposure of any given asset.

Our global research specialists leverage upon their sector specific expertise to further the analytical process in pursuit of risk-adjusted intelligence that demonstrates the latent performance attributes of each asset target.

Once sufficient evidence pointing towards sustainable investment value has been established, in respect of diversification, our specialists will perform a wider assessment of the sector in order to seek out other potential investments that promote the spread of risk.

Asset specific investments

As a pro-active manager of global assets we believe that the generation of client wealth is best achieved through the investment of value-based equities.

Selecting individual equities that are highly likely to complement existing portfolio balance demands a considerable research and stress testing effort. Utilizing our internal research competencies and industry leading technologies, we are able to focus on assets that we believe are value based, which in turn provides sustainability to the performance of each portfolio under management.

Monitoring and review

Under the current economic climate, portfolio monitoring and performance review is central to the continuous investment cycle here at Capital Market Report. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that investments and decisions are made with a long-term expectation, we understand that market volatility can often derail strategy as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

To address this concern, as part of our investment criteria, we ensure that the assets in which we commit to maintain flexible attributes in respect of capital liquidity. By taking this approach we provide clients with a guarantee that their capital is accessible within a given time frame and their invested positions are free from unnecessary locked in periods.

As such, by adopting a flexible approach to the allocation of assets we are freely able to made pro-active adjustments to the balance of portfolios by capitalizing on opportunities and defending against emerging threats.