Custodians of client wealth

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As custodians of our clients’ wealth, and with their financial wellbeing at the heart of all that we do, our approach to responsible investment remains integral to the Capital Market  Report decision making process. We believe that by being appointed with the responsibility to manage client wealth, it is our duty as professionals and people to manage assets geared towards the generation of sustainable value.

As a privately held financial management advisory, we understand that the success of our firm is directly correlated to that of our clients. In this instance we dedicate human and capital resources towards ensuring that decisions are made on the basis on sound information and skill.

Investment policy & governance

Capital Market Report adheres to a responsible investment policy and is governed in accordance with the founding principles of the firm that have established Capital Market Report as a wealth management provider of choice.

Since inception and to ensure sustainable business continuity, Capital Market Report’s Responsible Investment Strategic Committee perform an authority role to ensure investment policy maintains alignment with fundamental company values.