Trust & Estate Management

Protecting the value of your heritage

Establishing long-term benefits for your future and that of your loved ones is perhaps the most satisfying component of a comprehensive wealth management process.

Capital Market Report provides trust incorporation and management services for clients who seek to protect the security of accumulated wealth, to ensure that tax obligations are mitigated and to execute an efficient succession plan to benefit the beneficiaries of wealth.

Regional focus

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, we are ideally positioned to introduce clients to our network of legal and tax specialists situated in the major financial jurisdictions throughout Asia.

Clients domiciled in the Western world often seek to incorporate trust structures that provide offshore tax saving benefits that are simply unavailable in their home countries.

Capital Market Report utilizes its trust incorporation network throughout Asia.

Multi-generational legacy assistance

We have assisted hundreds of families as we have worked together to identify the most efficient trust and estate planning structures to suit their specific circumstances, before incorporating and managing under corporate trustee status to ensure a smooth transfer of assets to the beneficiaries of wealth.